Dolly Parton

Från: USA.
Född: Dolly Rebecca Parton 1946 på en gård i Locust Ridge, Sevier County, i Smoky Mountain i östra Tennessee.
Verksam som: sångerska, musiker, kompositör.
Instrument: gitarr, banjo.
Musikgenre: country.
Musikstil: urban cowboy, honky tonk, country-folk, contemporary country, country-pop, progressive country, traditional country.
Aktiv: 1960-talet ; 1970-talet ; 1980-talet ; 1990-talet ; 2000-talet ; 2010-talet ; 2020-talet.

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Med hits som Coat of many colors (1971), Jolene (1973) och Here you come again (1977) etablerade hon sig som framgångsrik soloartist och låtskrivare. 1980 skrev hon titellåten till filmen 9 to 5 (- - -) och 1992 blev hennes I will always love you från filmen Bodyguard en hit med Whitney Houston. Parton är en rutinerad musiker och scenartist som skämtar friskt om sin fattiga barndom och sina framträdande fysiska behag.
- - - På 1980 närmade hon sig poppubliken, men på senare tid har hon åter sökt sig till mer ursprunglig country, bluegrass och folkmusik.


Några låtar: Dolly Parton
9 to 5 1980
Coat of many colors 1971
Heartbreaker 1978
Here you come again 1977
I will always love you 1974
Islands in the stream 1983
Jolene 1973
Little sparrow 2001
Love is like a butterfly 1974
You're the only one 1979

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v = i KH:s vinylsamling. 2017-03-08
Hello, I'm Dolly (1967) Just because I'm a woman (1968) Just between you and me (1968) Just the two of us (1968) In the good old days (1969) My blue ridge mountain boy (1969) Always, always (1969) The fairest of them all (1970) A real live Dolly (1970) Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca (1970) Once more (1970) As long as I love (1970)
The golden streets of glory (1971) Joshua (1971) Coat of many colors (1971) Two of a kind (1971) Touch your woman (1972) My favorite song writer, Paul Wagoner (1972) Right combination . Burning midnight oil (1972) Together always (1972) My Tennessee mountain home (1973) Bubbling over (1973) We found it (1973) Jolene (1974)
Love is like a butterfly (1974) The bargain store (1975) Dolly (1975) Say forever you'll be mine (1975) All I can do (1976) New harvest, first gathering (1977) Here you come again (1977) Heartbreaker (1978) Great balls of fire (1979) Dolly, Dolly, Dolly (1980) 9 to 5 and odd jobs (1980) Heartbreak express (1982)
Greatest hits (1982) Burlap & satin (1983) Once upon a Christmas (1984) The great pretender (1984) Rhinestone (1984) Real love (1985) Think about love (1986) Trio (1987) Rainbow (1987) White limozeen (1989) Eagle when she flies (1991) Honky tonk angels (1993)
Slow dancing with the moon (1993) Heartsongs: Live from home (1994) Something special (1995) Treasures (1996) Hungry again (1998) The grass is blue (1999) Little sparrow (2001) Halos and horns (2002) For God and country (2003) Those were the days (2005) Backwoods Barbie (2008) Better day (2011)
Blue smoke (2014) Pure & simple (2016) I believe in you (2017)                  
1967 Hello, I'm Dolly Monument
1968 Just because I'm a woman RCA
1968 Just between you and me. Med Porter Wagoner RCA
1969 Just the two of us. Med Porter Wagoner RCA
1968 Dolly Parton and George Jones Starday
1968 Dolly Parton sings country oldies Somerset
1969 In the good old days (when times were bad) RCA Victor
1969 My blue ridge mountain boy RCA Victor
1969 Always, always. Med Porter Wagoner RCA
1970 The fairest of them all RCA Victor
1970 A real live Dolly (live) RCA Victor
1970 Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca. Med Porter Wagoner RCA
1970 Once more. Med Porter Wagoner RCA
1970 As long as I love (samling) Monument
1971 The golden streets of glory RCA
1971 Joshua RCA
1971 Coat of many colors RCA
1971 Two of a kind. Med Porter Wagoner RCA
1972 Touch your woman RCA
1972 My favorite song writer, Porter Wagoner RCA
1972 Right combination • Burning midnight oil. Med Porter Wagoner RCA
1972 Together always. Med Porter Wagoner RCA
1973 My Tennessee mountain home RCA
1973 Bubbling over RCA
1973 We found it. Med Porter Wagoner RCA
1974 Jolene RCA
1974 Love is like a butterfly RCA
1975 The bargain store RCA
1975 Dolly RCA
1976 This is Dolly Parton RCA
1976 Say forever you'll be mine. Med Porter Wagoner RCA
1976 All I can do RCA
1977 New harvest... first gathering RCA
1977 Here you come again RCA
1978 Heartbreaker RCA
1979 The great Dolly Parton (samling) Camden
1979 Great balls of fire RCA Victor
1980 Making plans RCA
1980 Dolly Dolly Dolly RCA
1980 You are (samling) RCA
1980 9 to 5 and odd jobs RCA
1982 Dolly Parton (samling) Camden
1982 Heartbreak express RCA
1982 v Greatest hits (samling) U 627 x
1983 HBO presents Dolly Parton (picture disc) (samling) RCA Victor
1983 Burlap & satin RCA
1983 Queens of country (samling) Force
1984 Once upon a Christmas. Med Kenny Rogers RCA
1984 The great pretender RCA
1984 Rhinestone (soundtrack) RCA
1985 Real love RCA
1985 Magic moments with Dolly Parton RCA
1986 Think about love (samling) RCA
1987 v Trio. Med Emmylou Harris och Linda Ronstadt U 604 Warner
1987 v Rainbow U 614 Columbia
1989 White limozeen Columbia
1991 Eagle when she flies Columbia/Tristar
1993 Honky tonk angels. Med Loretta Lynn och Tammy Wynette Columbia/Tristar
1993 Slow dancing with the moon Columbia/Tristar
1994 Heartsongs: Live from home (live) Columbia/Tristar
1995 Something special Columbia/Tristar
1996 Treasures Rising Tide/Blue Eye
1998 Hungry again Decca/Blue Eye
1999 The grass is blue Sugar Hill/Blue Eye
2001 Little sparrow Sugar Hill
2002 Halos and horns Sugar Hill/Blue Eye
2003 For God and country Welk Music Group
2005 Those were the days Sugar Hill/Blue Eye
2008 Backwoods Barbie Dolly/A2M
2011 Better day Dolly/Warner
2014 Blue smoke Dolly/Sony
2016 Pure & simple Dolly/RCA
2017 I believe in you Dolly/RCA

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