Buck Owens

Från: USA.
Född: Alvis Edgar Owens Jr. 12 augusti 1929 i Sherman, Texas.
Död: 24 mars 2006 i Bakersfield, Kalifornien.
Verksam som: sångare, musiker, bandledare, kompositör.
Instrument: gitarr, trumpet, saxofon.
Musikgenre:   country.
Musikstil: traditional country, honky tonk, bakersfield sound.
Medlem i: The Buckaroos
The Strangers
Aktiv: 1950-talet ; 1960-talet ; 1970-talet ; 1980-talet ; 1990-talet ; 2000-talet.

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Några låtar: Buck Owens
Above and beyond (Harlan Howard) 1960
Act naturally (Johnny Russell) 1963
Before you go 1965
Excuse me (I think I've got a heartache) 1960
Foolin' around 1961
I don' care (just as long as you love me) 1964
I've got a tiger by the tail 1964
Love's gonna live here 1963
My heart skips a beat 1964
Tall dark stranger 1969
Under your spell again 1959
Who's gonna mow your grass 1969

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Skivor: Buck Owens
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1961 Under your spell again Capitol
1961 Buck Owens Sundazed
1961 Buck Owens sings Harlan Howard Sundazed
1962 You're for me Sundazed
1962 You're for me Satellite
1962 Famous country music sound of Buck Owens Starday
1963 On the bandstand Sundazed
1963 Buck Owens sings Tommy Collins Sundazed
1964 I don't care Sundazed
1964 Together again/My heart skips a beat Capitol
1965 I've got a tiger by the tail Sundazed
1965 Before you go Capitol
1965 Christmas with Buck Owens Sundazed
1966 Roll out the red carpet Sundazed
1966 Dust on mother's bible Sundazed
1966 The Carnegie Hall concert (live) Sundazed
1966 Open up your heart Sundazed
1967 Buck Owens & his Buckaroos in Japan! (live) Capitol
1967 Your tender loving care Capitol
1967 In Japan! (live) Capitol
1967 America's most wanted band Capitol
1968 It takes people like you to make people like... Sundazed
1968 Sweet Rosie Jones Capitol
1968 Christmas shopping Sundazed
1968 I've got you on my mind again Capitol
1968 A night on the town Capitol
1968 The Buck Owens' Buckaroos strike again! Capitol
1968 Meanwhile back at the ranch Capitol
1969 Buck Owens in London Capitol
1969 Tall dark stranger Capitol
1969 The guitar player Capitol
1969 Anywhere U.S.A. Capitol
1969 Roll your own with Buck Owens' Buckaroos Capitol
1970 Your mother's prayer Capitol
1970 Big in Vegas Capitol
1970 Kickin' in Capitol
1970 The Kansas City song Capitol
1970 Buck Owens Capitol
1970 A merry "hee haw" Christmas Capitol
1970 The Great White Horse Capitol
1970 Rompin' & stompin Capitol
1970 Boot Hill Capitol
1971 I wouldn't live in New York City Capitol
1971 Bridge over troubled water Capitol
1971 Buck Owens' Ruby & other bluegrass specials Capitol
1971 Ruby Capitol
1971 Merry Christmas from Buck and Susan Capitol
1971 Play the hits Capitol
1972 Live at the White House Capitol
1972 Buck Owens live at the Nugget Capitol
1972 Too Old to Cut the Mustard? Capitol
1972 Live at the John Ascuga's Nugget Capitol
1973 In the palm of your hand Capitol
1973 Ain't It amazing gracie Capitol
1973 Arms full of empty Capitol
1973 Good old days Capitol
1974 It's a monster's holiday Capitol
1974 Live at the Sydney opera house Capitol
1974 Live in New Zealand Capitol
1974 Live in Japan x
1975 41st Street Lonely Hearts Club Capitol
1976 Buck 'em Warner
1988 Hot dog! Capitol
1989 Act naturally Capitol
1989 Live at Carnegie Hall Country Music
1996 Duets: Half a Buck K-Tel
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