Disney fake book

Förlag: Hal Leonard.
Utgivningsår: 2011.
Klassifikation: Xre(s) [Xrea, Xxauac(s)].
Anmärkning: Spiralhäftad, Melodistämma med text och ackordanalys.
Placering KH: Sång / Övrigt.
Animerade filmer:

100 dalmatians:
Cruella Del Vil
Dalmatian plantation
Remember when
Arabian nights
Friend like me
One jump ahead
Prince Ali
A whole new world
Alice in wonderland:
A-E-I-O-U (the caterpillar song)
Alice in wonderland
How d'ye do and shake hands
I'm late
The unbirthday song
The Aristocats:
The Aristocats
Ev'rybody wants to be a cat
Scales and arpeggios
Atlantis: The lost empire:
Where the dream takes you
I bring you a song
Little april shower
Love is a song
Beauty and the beast:
Be our guest
Beauty and the beast
Something there
I thought I lost you
Brother bear:
Look through my eyes
A bug's life:
The time of your life
Real gone
Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo (The magic song)
A dream is a wish your heart makes
So this is love (The cinderella waltz)
The work song
Baby mine
Casey junior
Pink elephants on parade
When I see an elephant fly
The emperor's new groove:
My funny friend and me
The fox and the hound:
Best of friends
Fun and fancy free:
Fun and fancy free
Go the distance
I won't say (I'm in love)
A star is born
Zero to hero
Home on the range:
Will the sun ever shine again
The hunchback of Notre Dame:
God help the outcasts
The incredibles:
The incredits
The jungle book:
The bare necessities
Colonel Hathi's march (The elephant song)
I wan'na be like you (The monkey song)
My own home (Jungle book theme)
That's what friends are for (The vulture song)
Trust in me (The python's song)
Lady and the tramp:
Bella notte (This is the night)
He's a tramp
La la lu
The siamese cat song
Lilo and Stich:
Hawaiian roller coaster ride
The lion king:
Can you feel the love tonight
Circle of life
Hakuna matata
I just can't wait to be king
The little mermaid:
Fathoms below
Kiss the girl
Les poissons
Part of your world
Poor unfortunate souls
Under the sea
The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh:
Heffalumps and woozles
Little black rain cloud
The rain rain rain came down down down
Rumbly in my tumbly
Winnie the Pooh
The wonderful thing about tiggers
Melody time:
The Lord is good to me
Mickey's Christmas carol:
Oh, what a merry Christmas day
Mickey's follies:
Minnie's yoo hoo
Monsters Inc.:
If I didn't have you
Honor to us all
I'll make a man out of you
True to your heart
Oliver & company:
Once upon a time in New York City
Perfect isn't easy
Streets of gold
Why should I worry?
Peter Pan:
The elegant captain Hook
Following the leader
Never smile at a crocodile
A pirate's life
The second star to the right
You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!
Your mother and mine
Give a little whistle
Hi-diddle-dee-dee (An actor's life for me)
Honest John
I've got no strings
Jiminy Cricket
Little wooden head
Three cheers for anything
Turn on the old music box
When you wish upon a star
Colors of the wind
If I never knew you (Love theme from Pocahontas)
The Virginia company
The princess and the frog:
Almost there
Dig a little deeper
Le festin
The rescuers:
R-E-S-C-U-E Rescue Aid Society
Someone's waiting for you
Robin Hood:
Saludos amigos:
Saludos amigos
Sleeping beauty:
I wonder
Once upon a dream
Sing a smiling song
Snow white and the seven dwarfs:
Bluddle uddle um dum (The washing song)
The dwarf's yodel song (Silly song)
I'm wishing
Some day my prince will come
Whistle while you work
With a smile and a song
Song of the south:
Ev'rybody has a laughing place
How do you do?
Sooner or later
The sword in the stone:
Blue oak tree
Higitus figitus
A most befuddling thing
That's what makes the world go 'round
Strangers like me
Trashin' the camp
Two worlds
You'll be in my heart
Three little pigs:
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
The tigger movie:
Your heart will lead you home
Toy story:
I will go sailing no more
Strange things
You've got a friend in me
Toy story 2:
When she loved me
Woody's roundup
Treasure planet:
I'm still here (Jim's theme)
"Levande" filmer:
20,000 leagues under the sea:
A whale of a tale
The absent-minded professor:
Absent-minded professor's march (Medfield fight song)
The flubber song
Babes in toyland:
Castle in Spain
Toyland march
The bears and I:
Sweet surrender
Bedknobs and broomsticks:
The age of not believing
The beautiful briny sea
Happy working song
That's how you know
True love's kiss
Hannah Montana: The Movie:
The climb
Hoedown throwdown
The happiest millionaire:
High school musical 3:
The boys are back
Can I have this dance
Johnny Tremain:
Johnny Tremain
Liberty tree
The love bug:
Mary Poppins:
Chim chim cher-ee
Feed the birds
Jolly holiday
Let's go fly a kite
A spoonful of sugar
Step in time
Carrying the banner
King of New York
Santa Fe
Seize the day
The world will now
Old yeller:
Old yeller
The one and only, genuine, original family band:
The one and only, genuine, original family band
The parent trap:
Let's get together
The parent trap
Pete's dragon:
Candle on the water
The happiest home in these hills
It's not easy
Pirates of the Caribbean:
He's a pirate
The medallion calls
Pollyanna's song
The shaggy D.A.:
The daisy anthem
So dear to my heart:
Lavender blue (Dilly dilly)
So dear to my heart
The story of Robin Hood and his merry men:
Riddle de diddle de day
Summer magic:
Summer magic
The ugly-bug ball
These are the best times
Swiss family Robinson:
The swisskapolka
That darn cat!:
That darn cat!
Westward ho, the wagons!:
Westward ho, the wagons!
Wringle wrangle (A pretty woman's love)
Camp rock:
The party's just begun
Davy Crocket:
The ballad of Davy Crockett
The Disney afternoon:
Chip 'n Dale's resque rangers theme song
DuckTales theme
Hannah Montana:
Rock star
High school musical:
Breaking free
We're all in this together
High scool musical 2:
gotta go my own way
You are the music in me
The little mermaid:
In harmony
The Mickey Mouse club:
A cowboy needs a horse
Don't jump to conclusions
Fun with music
How will I know my love?
I'm no fool
Meetin' at the malt shop
The merry mousekeepers
Mickey Mouse march
Pussycat polka
Simple Simon
Stoop, look and listen
Talent roundup
Today is tuesday
You (are a human animal)
Theme from Zorro