garage rock


Artister/Grupper: garage rock
Alexander, Willie "Loco" USA
The Barbarians USA
The Basement Wall USA
The Cannibals England
The Chocolate Watchband USA
Count Five USA
The Daybreakers USA
The Dearly Beloved USA
The Enfields USA
Faine Jade x
The Fantastic Deejays x
Five Americans USA
The Gants USA
The Golliwogs USA
Gonn USA
The Grodes USA
The Haunted Kanada
H.P. Lovecraft USA
Kenny & the Kasuals USA
The Kingsmen USA
The Lost USA
Marshmallow Overcoat USA
The Missing Links Australien
The Misunderstood USA
The Mojo Men USA
The Monks USA
Mouse & the Traps USA
The Music Machine USA
The Mystic Tide USA
The Nazz USA
The New Breed USA
New Colony Six USA
The Outcasts USA
The Outsiders USA
The Painted Faces USA
Phil & the Frantics x
The Pleazers Australien
? & the Mysterians USA
The Rising Storm USA
Sam the Sham & the Pharaos USA
The Savages England
The Seeds USA
Shadows of Knight USA
The Smoke England
The Sonics USA
The Squires Kanada
The Standells USA
The Sting Rays USA
Syndicate of Sound USA
T.C. Atlantic USA
Thee Midniters USA
Things to Come x
13th Floor Elevators USA
The Trashmen USA
The Ugly Ducklings Kanada
The Vejtables USA
The Wailers USA
Wild Angels England
The Wilde Knights USA
Zakary Thaks USA

Källor: AMG m.fl.