John Mayall

Från: England.
Född: 29 november 1933 i Macclesfield, Cheshire.
Verksam som: musiker, sångare, kompositör.
Instrument: gitarr, piano, munspel, ukulele m.fl.
Musikgenre: rock.
Musikstil: blues revival, british blues, electric harmonica blues, blues, bluesrock.
Aktiv: 1960-talet ; 1970-talet ; 1980-talet ; 1990-talet ; 2000-talet ; 2010-talet.

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John Mayalls viktigaste produktioner kom till på 1960-talet, men hans plats i rockhistorien beror inte så mycket på hans egen produktion som på hans talang för att hitta solida och kompetenta medspelare.

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Skivor: John Mayall
v = i KH:s vinylsamling 2013-06-16 (cd = tidigare i KH:s cd-ref)
John Mayall plays John Mayall (live) Decca
Bluesbreakers (with Eric Clapton) P 89 Decca
1966 A hard road Decca
1967 The blues alone (John Mayall solo) Ace Of Clubs
1967 Crusade Decca
1968 Diary of a band, vol I Decca
1968 Diary of a band, vol II Decca
1968 Bare wires Decca
1969 Blues from Laurel Canyon Decca
1970 The turning point (live) Polydor
1970 Empty rooms Polydor
1970 USA union Polydor
1971 Memoires Polydor
1971 Back to the roots (livedubbel) Polydor
1972 Jazz-blues fusion Polydor
1973 Moving on Polydor
1973 Ten years are gone (dubbel) Polydor
1975 The latest edition Polydor
1975 New year, new band, new company ABC
Notice to appear P 746 ABC
A banquet in blues P 797 ABC
1977 Lots of people (live) ABC
A hard core package (samling) P 120 x
The last of the British blues P 452 x
1979 Bottom line DJM
No more interviews P 497 DJM
1980 Road show blues DJM
1985 Behind the iron curtain (live) Crescendo
1989 Chicago line (live) Charly
1990 The power of blues Decal
1990 A sense of place Island
1992 Cross country blues One Way
1993 Wake up call Silvertone
1994 The 1982 reunion concert (live) One Way
Spinning coin. Med The Bluesbreakers Silvertone
1997 Blues for the lost days Silvertone
1999 Padlock on the blues. Med John Lee Hooker Purple Pyramid
1999 Rock the blues tonight (livedubbel, insp. 1970-1971) Indigo
1999 Live at The Marquee 1969 (live) Spifire
1999 The masters (samlingsdubbel) Spitfire
2001 Along for the ride Eagle/Red Ink
2002 Stories Eagle/Red Ink
2003 70th birthday concert (livedubbel) Eagle
2005 Road of dogs Eagle
2007 In the palace of the king Eagle
2009 Tough Eagle
2015 Find a way to care Forty Below
2017 Talk about that Forty Below
2019 Nobody told me Forty Below

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