Brian Eno

Från: England.
Född: Brian Peter John St. George Le Baptiste De La Salle Eno 15 maj 1948 i Woodbridge, Suffolk.
Verksam som: multiinstrumentalist, producent, tonsättare.
Instrument: synthesizer, piano, keyboards, orgel, saxofon, gitarr, bas.
Musikgenre: electronica.
Musikstil: experimental rock, proto-punk, experimental, glam rock, prog-rock/art rock, ambient, electronic.
Medlem i: Roxy Music (1971-1973)
Aktiv: 1970-talet ; 1980-talet ; 1990-talet ; 2000-talet ; 2010-talet.

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Började sin karriär i Roxy Music. Brian Eno är en av förgrundsgestalterna inom den elektroniska musikgenren. Han har samarbetat med bl.a. Robert Fripp, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon och Massive Attack.

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No pussyfooting) (1973) Here come the warm jets (1974) June 1 1974 (1974) Taking Tiger mountain (by strategy) (1974) Another green world (1975) Evening star (1975) Discreet music (1975) Cluster & Eno (1977) Before and after science (1977) Ambient 1: Music for airports (1978) Music for films (1978) After the heat (1978)
In a land of clear colours (1979) Ambient 2: The plateaux of mirror (1980) Fourth world, vol. 1: Possible musics (1980) Ambient 3: Day of radiance (1980) My life in the bush of ghosts (1981) Ambient 4: On land (1982) Apollo (1983) More music for films (1983) Working backwards (1983) Begegnungen (1984) The Pearl (1984) Thursday afternoon (1985)
Old land (1986) Desert island selection (1986) Voices (1987) Wrong way up (1990) Nerve net (1992) The Shutov assembly (1992) Neroli (1993) Robert Sheckley's In a land och clear colours (1993) Headcandy (1994) The essential Fripp and Eno (1994) Spinner (1995) The drop (1997)
Extracts from Music for white cube (1997) Lightness (1997) I dormienti (1999) Kite stories (1999) Sonora portraits (1999) Music for Onmyo-Ji (2000) Drawn from life (2001) Bell studies from the clock of the long now (2003) The equatorial stars (2004) Another day on earth (2005) Beyond even (2007) Everything that happens will happen today (2008)
Making space (2010) Small craft on a milk sea (2010) Drums between the bells (2011) Panic of looking (2011) Lux (2012) Someday world (2014) High life (2014)          
1973 (No pussyfooting). Med Robert Fripp Island
1974 Here comes the warm jets Island
1974 June, 1 1974. Med Kevin Ayers, John Cale och Nico (live) P 2375 Island
Taking Tiger mountain (by strategy) P 1188 Island
Another green world P 1414 Island
1975 Evening star. Med Robert Fripp EG
1975 Discreet music EG
801 – live. Med 801 (live) P 124 Island
Cluster & Eno. Med Cluster P 2329 Sky
Before and after science P 328 Polydor
1978 Jubilee (samling) Polydor
Ambient 1: Music for airports P 704 EG/Polydor
Music for films P 1407 Polydor
1978 After the heat. Med Dieter Moebius och H-J Roedelius Sky
1979 In a land of clear colours (LP med bok) Mensajero
Ambient 2: The plateaux of mirror. Med Harold Budd P 744 Polydor
Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible musics. Med Jon Hassell P 1169 EG/Polydor
1980   Ambient 3: Day of radiance EG
My life in the bush of ghosts. Med David Byrne Sire/Warner
Ambient 4: On land P 1303 Polydor
Apollo: Atmospheres and soundtracks P 1521 EG
1983 More music for films Editions EG
1983 Working backwards 1983-1973 (box med 11 LP) EG
1984 Begegnungen. Med Cluster (samling) Sky
The pearl. Med Harold Budd P 1665 Editions EG
1985 Thursday afternoon (compact-LP) EG/Polydor
1986 Old land. Med Cluster (samling) Relativity/Sky
1986 More blank than frank/Desert island selection (samling) EG/Polydor
1987 Voices. Med Roger Eno Polydor
1988 Music for films III (samling) Opal/Warner
Wrong way up. Med John Cale All Saints/Opal
1992 Nerve net All Saints/Opal
1992 The Shutov assembly Opal/Warner
1993 Neroli All Saints/Caroline
1993 Robert Sheckley's In a land of clear colours Alex
1994 Familiar Gyroscope
1994 Headcandy Ion
The essential Fripp & Eno (samling) x
1995 Spinner. Med Jah Wobble All Saints/Gyroscope
1997 The drop All Saints/Thirsty Ear
1997 Extracts from music for white cube (ljudinstallationsalbum) Opal
Music for airports. Med Bang on a Can x
1997 Lightness: Music for the marble palace (ljudinstallationsalbum) Opal
1999 I dormienti (ljudinstallationsalbum) Opal
1999 Kite stories (ljudinstallationsalbum) Opal
1999 Sonora portraits Materiali
2000 Music for Onmyo-Ji. Med J. Peter Schwalm JVC Victor
2000 Music for civic recovery center Opal
2001 Drawn from life. Med J. Peter Schwalm Astralwerks
2003 Bell studies for the clock of the long now Opal
2004 The equatorial stars. Med Robert Fripp Opal
2005 Another day on earth Hannibal
2007 Beyond even. Med Robert Fripp Opal
2008 Everything that happens will happen today. Med David Byrne Todo Mundo
2010 Making space Opal
2010 Small craft on a milk sea. Med Abrahams och Hopkins Warp
2011 Drums between the bells. Med Rick Holland Warp
2011 Panic of looking. Med Rick Holland Warp
2012 Lux Warp
2014 Someday world. Med Karl Hyde Warp
2014 High life. Med Karl Hyde Warp

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