Childish, Wild Billy

Levnad: f. Bill Hamper (alias Jack Ketch) 1 dec 1959 i Chatham.
Från: England.
Verksam som: sångare, musiker, poet, målare.
Instrument: gitarr.
Musikgenre: ..rock.
Musikstil: garage rock revival, indie rock, alternative pop/rock.

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Pop Rivets:
1979 The Pop Rivets greatest hits Hypocrite
1979 Empty sounds from Anarchy Ranch Hypocrite
1979 Fun in the UK  (2EP) Hypocrite
1979 Live in Germany '79 Hangman
The Milkshakes:
1981 Talking 'bout Milkshakes Milkshakes
1982 14 Rhythm & beat greats Milkshakes
1983 After school session Upright
1983 The Milkshakes IV - The men with the golden guitars Milkshakes
1983 Showcase  (samling) Brain Eater
1984 20 rock and roll hits of the 50s & 60s Big Beat
1984 The Milkshakes in Germany Wall City
1984 Nothing can stop these men Milkshakes
1984 They came they saw they conquered Pink Dust/Enigma
1984 Thee knights of trashe Milkshakes
1984 Last night at the MIC  (live med The Prisoners) Empire
1986 The Milkshakes vs The Prisoners  (live) Media Burn
1986 The 107 tapes (Early demos and live recordings) (dubbel) Media Burn
1987 The Milkshakes' revenge (The legendary missing 9th album) Hangman
1987 Live from Chatham Hangman
1991 19th nervous shakedown  (samling) Big Beat
The Mighty Caesars:
1985 Thee Mighty Caesars Milkshakes
1985 Beware the ides of March Big Beat
1986 Thee caesars of trash Milkshakes
1986 Acropolis now Milkshakes
1987 Live in Rome Big Beat
1987 Wiseblodd Ambassador
1987 Don't give any dinner to Henry Chinaski Hangman
1987 Punk rock showcase Hangman
1988 Thusly, Thee Mighty Caesars English punk rock explosion Crypt
1988 John Lennon's corpse revisited Crypt
1990 Surely they were the sons of God Crypt
1992 Caesars remains - rare & unissued Hangman
Thee Headcoats:
1989 Headcoats down! Hangman
1990 Earls of Suavedom Crypt
1990 The kids are all square - this is hip! Hangman
1990 Beach bums must die Crypt
1990 Heavens to mergatroid, it's the headcoats already Sub Pop
1990 Bo in the garage  (utgiven som WOAH) Hangman
1991 Headcoatitude Shakin' Street
1991 The wurstis yet to come  (live) TOM
1991 Cavern by the sea K KLP
Wild Billy Childish:
1987 I've got everything indeed Hangman
1987 The 1982 tapes Hangman
1987 I remember... Hangman
1988 Poems of laughter and violence Hangman
1990 The Billy Childish 50 albums great Hangman
I am the Billy Childish  (samlings-2CD) Sub-Pop
Billy Childish & Sexton Ming:
1987 Which dead monkey, daddy? Hangman
1987 Plump prizes and little gems Hangman
1987 Ypres 1917 overture (Verdun ossuary) Hangman
Billy Childish & The Black Hands:
1988 Play: Capt'n Calypso's hoodoo party Hangman
Wild Billy Childish & Big Russ Wilkins:
1987 Laughing gravy  (10"LP) Empire
Natural Born Lovers:
1989 Long legged baby Hangman
1988 The medway poets  (samling) Hangman
Jack Ketch & The Crowmen:
1988 Brimful of hate Hangman
Thee Headcoats Sect:
1990 Thee headcoats sect  (EP) Hangman
The Del Monas:
1985 Dangerous charms Big Beat
1986 The Del Monas 5 Empire
1989 The Del Monas Hangman
1989 Do the uncle Willy  (samling) Skyclad
Thee Headcoatees:
1991 Girlsville Hangman


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