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Låt/melodi: Y Skriven av: Framförd av: . Noter/text:
Y.M.C.A. Morali, J.
Belolo, H.
Willis, V.
Village People  

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Ya ya twist Dorsey, Lee
Robinson, Morgan
fransk text: Aber
Clark, Petula    
Yakety sax Randolph, Homer
Rich, James
Randolph, Randy
Randolph, Boots
Yakety yak Leiber, Jerry
Stoller, Mike
The Pipkins    
Yankee Doodle folkvisa från USA x   Grö. Visb.
Yeh, yeh Grant, Rodgers
Patrick, Pat
Hendricks, Jon
Fame, Georgie &
The Blue Flames
  PRSV 1
Yellow boomerang Shepstone, Mike
Capuano, Glosy
Capuano, Mario
Middle Of The Road    
Yellow days Carrillo, Alvaro
Bernstein, Alan (eng.t.)
Yellow river Christie, Jeff Christie    
The yellow rose of Texas x x   SBEPE
Yellow submarine Lennon, John
McCartney, Paul
The Beatles    
Yes I know Idering, Gunnar
Ringbom, Stefan
The Mascots    
Yes I will Goffin, Gerry
Titelman, Russ
The Hollies    
. . .  
Låt/melodi: Yesterday – Yoyo Skriven av: Framförd av:
Yesterday Lennon, John The Beatles  


McCartney, Paul BFAG
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Yesterday has gone Randazzo, Teddy Cupid's Inspiration    
Pike, Victoria
Yesterday I heard the rain
(Esta tarde vi llover)
Manzanero, Armando
Lees, Gene (eng. text)
Yesterday man Andrews, Chris Andrews, Chris    
Yesterday once more Carpenter, Richard
Bettis, John
The Carpenters   PRSV 1
Yesterday's dreams Hunter, Ivy
Bullock, Vernon
Goga, Jack A.
Sawyer, Pam
The Four Tops    
Yesterday gone Stuart, Chad
Clyde, Jeremy
Chad Stuart &
Jeremy Clyde
Yester-me, yester-you, yesterday t: Miller, Ronald
m: Wells, Bryan
Wonder, Stevie   Vispop 12
Y.M.C.A. Morali, J.
Belolo, H.
Willis, V.
Village People  

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Yo ho (A pirate's life for me)
Från Disneys Pirates of the Caribbean
Bruns, George (musik) x   Disney FB
Atencio, Xavier (text)
Yo-yo South, Joe The Osmonds    
. . .  
Låt/melodi: You – You don't Skriven av: Framförd av:
You ain't goin' nowhere Dylan, Bob Dylan, Bob   EBD
You (are a human animal)
Från Disneys The Mickey Mouse Club
Dodd, Jimmie x   Disney FB

You are summer – You never tell me
no (Sommar'n som aldrig säger nej)

Dominique, C-A
Dominique, Monica
Forssell, Lars
You are the music in me
Från Disneys High scool musical 2
Houston, Jamie x   Disney FB
You are the sunshine of my life Wonder, Stevie Wonder, Stevie  

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You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!
Från Disneys film Peter Pan
Fain, Sammy (musik) x   Disney FB
Chan, Sammy (text)
You can get it if you really want Cliff, Jimmy x   Vispop 12
You can never stop me loving you Samwell, Ian
Slater, Jean
Lynch, Kenny    
You can't hurry love Holland, Eddie
Dozier, Lamont
Holland, Brian
The Supremes
Collins, Phil

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You can't sit down Upchurch, Phil
Clark, Dee
Muldrow, Cornell
Sheldon, Jon
The Dovells
The Strangers
You cant touch me White, Roy Paper Lace    
You don't have to be a baby to cry Merrill, Bob
Shand, Terry
The Caravelles    
You don't have to say you love me
(Io che non vivo senza te)
Donaggio, P. (musik) Springfield, Dusty  


Pallavicini, V. (text) Hits 60-tal
Wickham, Vicki (eng. t.) Vispop 9
Napier-Bell, Simon (et)  
(Baby) You don't have to tell me Autell, Pete The Walker Brothers    
You don't love me Raye, T. Walker, Gary    
You don't mess around with Jim Croce, Jim Croce, Jim    
You don't own me Madara, Johnny
White, David
Gore, Lesley    
. . .  
Låt/melodi: You go – You'll Skriven av: Framförd av:
You go to my head x x   FRTR
You got it x x   Vispop 6
You got me hummin' Hayes, Isaac
Porter, David
Cold Blood    
You got what it takes Gordy Jr, Berry
Gordy, Gwen
Carlo, Tyron
Dave Clarke Five    
You gotta have love in your heart Zesses, Nick
Fekaris, Dino
The Supremes
The Four Tops
You just don't have the magic
Murray, Mitch
Callander, Peter
Christie, Tony    
You-kou-la-le-lou-pie Van Hemert, Hans Mouth & MacNeal    
You light up my fire x x   SBEPE
You must have been a beautiful baby Warren, Harry
Mercer, Johnny
Darin, Bobby    
You needed me Goodrum, Charles R. Murray, Anne  

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You never can tell Berry, Chuck Berry, Chuck  

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You raise me up Lövland, Rolf (musik)
Graham, Brandon (text)
Groban, Josh
Vispop 14
You really got me Davies, Ray The Kinks  


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You shook me all night long x AC/DC   SFEG
You were on my mind Fricker, Sylvia We Five
St. Peters, Chr.
You win again Williams, Hank Williams, Hank   HWS
You won't be leaving Hazzard, Tony Herman's Hermits    
You won't find another fool like me Macaulay, Tony
Stephens, Geoff
The New Seekers    
You'll be in my heart (Pop version)
Från Disneys film Tarzan
Collins, Phil x   Disney FB
You'll never walk alone Rodgers, Richard
Hammerstein II, O.
Gerry & The Pac.    
. . .  
Låt/melodi: You're – You've Skriven av: Framförd av:
You're gonna get it x x   Vispop 6
You're in my heart Stewart, Rod x   SFEG
You'll never walk alone Rodgers, Richard
Hammerstein II, O.
Gerry & The Pac.    
You're my world
(Il mio mondo)
Bindi, Umberto (musik) Black, Cilla   100P601
Paoli, Gino (text)
Sigman, Carl (eng. t.)
You're no good Ballard, Jr., Clint The Swinging Blue Jeans    
You're sixteen Sherman, Robert B.
Sherman, Richard M.

Burnette, Johnny
Starr, Ringo

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You're so good to me Wilson, Brian Wilson, Brian
The Nashmen
  PRSV 3
You're still the one Lange, R.J.
Twain, Shania
Twain, Shania   U90S
You're such a good looking woman Hammond, Albert
Hazlewood, Mike
Dolan, Joe    
You're the inspiration Cetera, Peter
Foster, D.
x   Vispop 11
You're the one Clark, Petula
Hatch, Tony
The Vogues    
You're the one that I want x x   Vispop 3
You're the top x x   FRTR
You've got a friend King, Carole King, Carole  


Taylor, James Hits 70-tal
Vispop 8
You've got a friend in me
Från Disneys film Toy story
Newman, Randy     Disney FB
Youv'e got to hide your love away Lennon, John The Beatles    
McCartney, Paul The Silkie
You've had better times Waller, Gordon Peter & Gordon    
You've made me so very happy Gordy, Berry
Holloway, Brenda
Holloway, Patrice
Wilson, Frank
Blood, Sweat & Tears   SBEPE
. . .  
Låt/melodi: Young – Your Skriven av: Framförd av:
Young at heart Richards, Johnny x   FRTR
Young girl Fuller, Jerry The Union Gap feat.
Puckett, Gary
  Hits 60-tal
The young ones Tepper, Sid
Bennett, Roy C.
Richard, Cliff &
The Shadows
Young world Fuller, Jerry Nelson, Rick    
Younger girl Sebastian, John The Critters
The Jackpots
Your cheatin' heart Williams, Hank Williams, Hank   HWS
Your heart will lead you home
Från Disneys The Tigger movie
Sherman, Richard M. x   Disney FB
Sherman, Robert B.
Loggins, Kenny
Your mother and mine
Från Disneys film Peter Pan
Fain, Sammy (musik) x   Disney FB
Cahn, Sammy (text)
Your song John, Elton
Bernie Taupin
John, Elton  

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(Quiereme mucho)
Roig, Gonzalo (musik)
Gamse, Albert (text)
Sherr, Jack (text)
. . .  
Låt/melodi: Ys Skriven av: Framförd av:
Ysabel Villamor x x   Vispop 3
Yummy yummy yummy Resnick, Arthur
Levine, Joey
The Ohio Express