Från: New York, USA.
Bildad: 1975. Upplöst 1979.
Medlemmar: Richard Hell (bas), Walter Lure (gitarr), Jerry Nolan, Billy Rath (bas), Ty Styx (trummor), Johnny Thunders.
Musikgenre: ..rock.
Musikstil: american punk, new york punk, proto-punk, hard rock, punk, rock & roll.

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A kind of proto-punk supergroup initially comprised of New York Dolls alums Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan along with onetime Television bassist Richard Hell, the Heartbreakers formed in 1975. After just one performance as a trio, the band added guitarist Walter Lure; their status as cult heroes grew quickly, but by the following year Hell exited to form the Voidoids, to be replaced by bassist Billy Rath. The Heartbreakers soon relocated to London (reportedly to investigate the British National Health Service's methodone program), where they supported the Sex Pistols on their aborted December 1976 tour. After bowing with the single "Chinese Rocks," the Heartbreakers recorded their debut LP, L.A.M.F., but drummer Nolan was reportedly so distressed by the record's paper-thin sound that he quit the group in disgust, later returning to fulfill prior commitments. They subsequently moved back to New York, announcing their break-up in November 1977; an endless series of farewell performances followed, most of them featuring drummer Ty Stix. The group continued to resurface infrequently for years to come, and a 1984 gig was recorded and released under the name Live at the Lyceum Ballroom; that same year also marked the release of L.A.M.F. Revisited, Thunders' remix of the original LP. In late 1990, the original Heartbreakers line-up reunited in New York, but any hopes of a permanent resurrection were dashed by Thunders' drug-related death on April 23, 1991.
Jason Ankeny, AMG

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1977 L A M F Track Record
1979 Live at Max's Kansas City Beggars
1982 D.T.K. - Live at the Speakeasy Jungle
1984 L.A.M.F. Revisited Jungle
1984 D.T.K. L.A.M.F. Jungle
1984 Live at the Lyceum Ballroom 1984 ABC
1991 What Goes Around [live] Voxx
1994 Live at Mothers New Rose Blues


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