China Crisis

Från: England.
Bildad: 1981 i Liverpool.
Medlemmar: Daly, Garry / elgitarr, keyboard, elbas, lead-sång
Lundon, Eddie / elgitarr, keyboard, sång
Johnson, Garry "Gazza" / elbas
McNeill, Brian / keyboards, sång
Wilkinson, Kevin / trummor, percussion
Musikgenre: rock.
Musikstil: alternative pop/rock, new wave, pop.
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Skivor: China Crisis
v = i KH:s vinylref. 2009-04-24 (cd = tidigare i KH:s cd-ref)
1982 African and white (singel) Inevitable
Difficult shapes and passive rhythms, some people think it's fun to
P 1447 Virgin
1983 Working with fire and steel - possible pop songs vol 2 Virgin
Flaunt the imperfection P 1739 Virgin
1986 What price paradise? Virgin
1989 Diary of a hollow horse A&M
1994 Warped by success Stardumb
1995 Acoustically yours Telegraph
1998 Wishful thinkin' Recall
2002 Scrap book, vol. 1: Live at the Dominion Theatre Crisis

Källor: BR87 ; AMG
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